Being an unwanted child

Being an unwanted child hurts to the core. I see Facebook posts of loving messages from children to their parents and the reverse and I long for that connection.

I’m in my mid 40’s now and my parents feel so much contempt for me it is sickening. I’m not really sure why they hate me so much. My dad once told me that stay at home moms are “losers”. He also told me that if my children don’t develop social skills like my brother and my ex husband that they were destined to be “housewives”. That really burns me. One, because I was an at home mom and felt attacked for making that choice and two, that my dad was implying that I have no social skills.

When I was married we made a joint decision for me to stay home as childcare costs would result in me making a very small monthly income. We thought it would be best for me to raise our girls instead of someone else. The heat I received from my dad was terrible.

When my second born child was in her first year of life she had a lot of baby fat. My brother was also a chunky baby. They both grew out of it. They call it baby fat for a reason. He told me that my child would be ostracized and have no friends if I didn’t put her on a diet immediately. I contacted the Dr Phil show and they were interested in the story. My dad refused to appear. I guess it’s always better to insult your daughter and grand daughter in private…

My mother is no better. For many years now I cannot be alone with her due to her violent outbursts toward me. She blames me for everything shitty that has happened to her in her life. She seems to easily forget all the times we gave her money, invited her over for family get togethers, all the times I built websites for her next “big idea” that she’d never follow through on.

She insults me at every turn. She tells me I’m a horrible mom. She tells me I’m capable of murder. Murder, of all things! You don’t know me so I’ll give you a bit of a background – never been in a physical fight in my life except for one time when my mom physically attacked me when my children were 1 and 3. My children are both honor roll students and exceptional dancers with many many good friends. They have healthy relationships with relatives and and kind and compassionate people. I take credit for that. I raised them almost completely alone because my ex essentially abandoned us to follow his own personal interests.

I thought of putting an ad out for parents. I long to have a mom and dad who truly value and love me. At 45 you’d think that I’m too old to want that but it’s the one elusive thing in my life that I just can’t seem to attain. I feel rejected to the core. I feel angry that my parents brought me into this world only to torture and ridicule me with words of hatred and anger.

Perhaps my mom is resentful of me for not wanting her there when my kids were being born. I feel it was my right as a new mom to have whomever I wanted there. I chose just my ex. I felt it was a very intimate moment that I wanted to share only with him. I definitely didn’t want my mom there. She has always resented me. It was a no brainer.

My mom failed to show up for my wedding Photos. She blamed me, as always, saying she didn’t know where we went for the photo shoot. It was pretty hard to miss us as we were in a very large rv. Interesting that everyone else made it. Turns out she went to a friends house to take a nap. She blamed me for having to go on anti depressants when I asked if she wanted to give a speech at my wedding. Weird….

Tonight I sit here shaking my head again. I’ve been living on my own for two years now. I’ve been legally divorced for about 6 months. I feel betrayed because my mother hangs out with my ex and his family and gossips about me. The same people who treated me like an outsider for 20 years. The same people who systematically contributed to the breakdown of my marriage. Causing a whole world of hurt for my poor daughters.

I often wonder what is wrong with me. Why I’m unloveable. What curse has been placed on me to have to live this daily torture. I know my parents creep my Facebook to see what I’m up to. I’ve since blocked them because I feel that if they can’t come to me face to face then they should not be privy to what I’m doing in my life.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I need to keep fighting for their love. Fighting for something positive to come out of their mouths about me. My parents can go months or years without talking to me. They think I’m a loser. That I’ve made bad choices. Like getting a divorce. I have no regrets about my divorce. I was essentially a single mom so I felt that I was still young enough to find true love with a man that appreciates me. I was right. I did find that. Do we have tough times? Of course. But he never disrespects me and he never calls me names. He’s a hard nut to crack but inside there’s a soft heart with good intentions.

3 years ago I suffered a nervous breakdown. I was hospitalized 4 times in a 3 month period. My parents never visited me in the hospital. They turned their backs on me and said that it’s just “typical behavior” on my part. One reason I fell apart was negative family drama. I just couldn’t take it anymore. They had worn me down so much. And being a busy mom just contributed to my downfall. I believe my parents want me dead. Then they could just love and nurture my children without having to see me.

Being hated by your mom and dad is devastating at any age. It’s even harder when you’re older because THEY’RE older. More aches and pains equal cranky parents with a taste for blood. My parents try to seize any opportunity to bring me down. They enjoy watching me fail. They tell me that I should be more like my brother. I’ve heard it my whole life. It’s exhausting. Christmas is a nightmare and really any “family” get together is tortuous for me.

I took a DBT course a few months ago and I learned how to place people into appropriate circles of influence in my life. My parents were on the outskirts.

Living a life feeling ashamed of myself and being belittled at every turn has made me withdrawn, more distrusting. I don’t trust myself or others. I have a deep feeling that everyone wants to try to hurt me. I don’t let people get too close. I’m wary. Scared. Tired.

If I didn’t have kids my dream would be to move to Latin America and have a life there. They are so family oriented and generally appreciative and loving. I’d love to have a chance to have positive older role models in my life. Something I was lacking from the get go. My parents resented my independence. I moved out the minute I was ready for university. I needed to get away from those toxic people. I had a hard time adjusting to such a big school and city. I had a hard time making friends. That was new to me. I always had friends in my small home town. My parents hardly ever called me. They were just happy I was gone.

So, what’s it like to be an unwanted child? Lonely. Empty. Sad. I see how well my mother treats my kids and I wish she could just be like that to me. Just once. Just one day so I can feel the love of a mother to her child. I love my children with my whole heart. I tell them they are amazing. I hug and kiss them every day. I tell them I’m proud of them. Dr Phil says “it takes 1000 atta boys to reverse the hurt of one insulting or degrading comment”. Well, my parents have millions indebted to me. I know I’ll never collect. They are too proud. Their motto is that it’s better to stand your ground than to admit you’re wrong and do the right thing.

Rejection is hard. It’s amazing I’ve made it this far in life. That I didn’t kill myself as a teen. I was hurting. I still am. And my parents are sitting back with smug smiles on their faces and enjoying every tortuous minute of it. My failure is their success. It verifies their ideas of me. I have a long uphill battle. I’m up against the clock. My mother is ill and maybe has a few good years in her. Not enough time to reverse the hurt. Before she passes I’d like to ask hr why she bothered to have me. I need clarity. I need peace of mind. I need love.